DW140 Introduction to HTML & CSS II

Course Description

Students work toward the completion of their Web Development certificate by learning HTML and CSS and continue to practice these skills while separating content from presentation. Topics include CSS/web typography; using HTML and CSS for page layout; fixed, liquid and elastic page layouts; floats and asides; CSS browser compatibility issues; and an introduction to accessibility. Students will expand upon their knowledge of Information Architecture and learn how to organize content in a user-centric way.


  • The basics of CSS layouts
  • Understanding the common properties and values
  • Different measurement units in CSS
  • Systematically implementing the visual identity of a design
  • “Mobile first design”, and designing for different screens

Learning Outcomes

  • Begin using CSS for layout and aesthetics
  • Learn to create organized and logical stylesheets
  • Capture the aesthetic design of a mockup with code
  • Start thinking about different layouts and behaviors
  • Start understanding the needs and challenges of designing for multiple screen-sizes